I only work with a small number of clients at a time one on one. I do this intentionally because I have a method for my one to one coaching program that gives you access to me MUCH more than traditional coaching or therapy - a method that has proven to be more efficient and more effective.

My private coaching is meant for people who are ready to take consistent ACTION. I will teach you the science that tells us that we don’t change by learning, we change by DOING. If you are wavering on your commitment to action (and not just learning), this may not be the program for you.

🟠 Are you ready to make a commitment to yourself and your future?

🟠 Are you ready to be free of the grip your weight and food has on your life?

🟠 Do you KNOW your relationship to food and your body is holding you back?

🟠 Do you want to heal and let go of the stuff, the inner debris and old wounds, that hold you back from feeling happy, healthy and worthy of everything you want?

🟠 Do you ever wonder what might occupy your thoughts if you weren’t obsessing over food or the scale all day long?

🟠 Are you ready for the next level of what’s possible?


If you're looking for a diet and exercise plan that tells you exactly what to do...you're going to be
disappointed. What I know for sure is that your struggle with your relationship to food and your body
is NOT in need of another diet and exercise plan. It is in need of an overhaul from the inside out. If you're
not quite ready to do that work, and you'd rather follow another plan, THAT'S OK! But my program isn't
right for you. 


Are tired of being told exactly what to eat and how to exercise, and believe there is something better out there.


Already know that the old "eat less, move more" advice DOES NOT WORK.


Are committed to taking ACTION towards your healing.

Want to find peace and ease around food but have not figured out how.



“Just turned 44 and am down 45lbs since last year from changing my mindset and incorporating all of your lessons along with movement and conscious eating. I have struggled with weight my whole life and feel like I finally figured it out. Wish it was sooner but better late than never. I’m so grateful to you and your practices. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge. You have made a huge difference in my life and my health journey.”


“I’m happier, healthier and more confident than I have ever been and I’m so glad I made this journey for myself. With the support from Eliza, I’ve managed to get exactly where I want to be. I’ve now made my lifestyle perfect for myself and I couldn’t be happier. ”


“We each have our own journey and obstacles to overcome. I recently discovered, with Eliza’s help, what I personally needed to explore in order to reach the next level. I know what to eat. I know how to move my body. But old feelings were keeping me bogged down in old, similar patterns.. I’m forever grateful for stumbling across your book which led me to you in 2019. I’ll never forget that day! Eliza’s work was transformative for me, but it was just the beginning. She says rarely, if ever, is weight the actual issues. She was right. Thank you, Eliza, for your mentorship as we all travel on this journey together.”


”I have come so far with weight-loss. I used to be like a monkey swinging from tree to tree with diet. I spent years spinning my wheels, barely making progress, taking every wrong turn, feeling out of control and confused, wondering: “what is wrong with me? Why can’t I make this stick?”. Then I found Eliza Kingsford’s work and everything changed. Her work gave me tools I was missing to succeed. Mainly, self-awareness. That self-awareness took me well over a year to perfect, but once I did, the chains fell off, and I was finally in a place I never thought I’d be; I was experiencing food freedom. I was free. After a lifelong unhealthy relationship with food, I used the tools I got from her work to move forward in my health and fitness journey. It wasn’t just a change that happened by counting calories, it was a change that came from asking myself hard questions and spending time in self-reflection. I had to conquer the battle of my mind.”


“I am living more in love then fear, I have a peace, an ease, a flow, I can say no to things that don’t serve me, I am looking for my vibration and noticing when it shifts”


“I loved working with Eliza. If I won the lottery I would keep her on speed -dial! Internally everything has changed. Its 100% mindset. And nobody can change that in one session but going through the programme and coming back to things means it's now pretty much automatic.”


“I deeply trust and respect your path for this program and your leadership in this program. You are so knowledgeable about the most updated science of weight and weight loss (which is rare in people trying to help others lose weight!) and it's easy to trust you and take in all the information you give.”


“Biggest outcome is that I look great in all my clothes!!! I went from 75kg(165 pounds) to 63kg (138 pounds) in 9 months - with no feeling of 'dieting' - sometimes she did have to remind me that I did it while I also enjoyed fancy dinners and afternoon teas and other lovely things/events. I was never deprived in any way! Everything has shifted, from how I look at my body, how I feel when exercising, how I handle my husband's love of junk food (OK that's still work in progress), how I prioritise my morning programme....how I think!”


“Only go to Eliza when you have tried everything else. Because you need to know that you have tried it all, because this is not a magic bullet. You have to commit and it takes time. You have to be 'sick and tired of being sick and tired' and willing to go all-in with her. If you do, it will be worth it!”


“I really enjoyed having you as the guide. I really appreciated how you never questioned why I wanted a certain goal. But asked me to go deeper into the beliefs. I felt like I got approval to keep my personality traits and feelings especially when I see other therapists, coaches, etc. poo-poo certain traits on social media. EX - high achievers. It is almost like they are shaming you for that trait and the reason why you have body image issues. Or how I perceived it. No one should tell you how you should feel. I feel you lead with that in mind.”


“You were incredible and such a great person to have in my corner. Everything felt effortless. Your personality is so calming but you also just knew the right things to say at the right time.”