About Eliza Kingsford



Healthy, happy, healing.

In my work as a licensed psychotherapist treating body image issues, weight loss, overweight and obesity, eating disorders and food addiction among children, teens and young adults, I’ve met thousands of people struggling to find peace with their bodies.

I’ve heard countless stories about shame, dissatisfaction, fear, loss of control and the general dis-ease of living with a body they don’t love.

And as I've sat on obesity advisory boards, presented at national conferences, advised eating disorder teams, appeared on TV and radio and developed health, wellness and weight loss programs for children, teens and young adults, I've seen that our relationships to food and body are among the most complicated relationships we have.

It's ironic, really. After all, your relationship with your body and the food that nourishes it is the only guaranteed relationship you'll always have in your life! Shouldn't it be easier than this?

Of course the answer is yes.

But today, food advertising, social media, health headlines, TV shows and societal pressure from friends, families, teachers, even strangers dramatically influences our feelings, thoughts and actions around food, fitness and health.

It's a foolproof recipe for disappointment when it comes to feeling good enough in our own skin.

And I'm absolutely determined to change that. To help as many people as possible repair the linkages between our hearts and minds; our thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviors when it comes to weight, food and how we feel about our bodies.



The Empowered Wellness approach to weight loss combines brain science with a deep understanding of the biological, psychological and social factors that contribute to obesity and weight struggles. It folds in psychological and cognitive-behavioral strategies scientifically proven to help people achieve and sustain long-term goals and outcomes.

Kids and adults who have completed the Empowered Wellness experience say they've gotten their lives back; they’ve found their smile again, they no longer feel trapped in their own bodies.

I treasure emails like this one, from a family whose teenage daughter attended our Santa Barbara, CA Empowered Wellness weight loss camp for teens and young adults:

"Though she did have a dramatic loss of weight, I would pay all I could afford for the SMILE she gave me when I picked her up from camp. She got to have a summer living next to the beach in a protected bubble of joy, praise, love, support, and happiness. From the moment I saw her she was radiating confidence and health....If it tells you anything, we are actually preparing to save up now so that our daughter (at any size) may return next summer. The friends she made will be with her for a lifetime - it was so hard to see them say goodbye. THANK YOU for giving me a happy, healthy, young lady back. I will forever be grateful." - XO Kelli

Let's do this!