An Open Letter to the Mom Who Hates Me

A furious mom messaged me on Facebook this week. “How dare you promote weight loss for teens? My daughter has an eating disorder. She almost died and still struggles. This is serious stuff. You need to learn from experts about eating disorders and mental illness before encouraging weight loss for our precious children.” First, please…

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Exciting Changes and New Beginnings

So much has happened since the release of Brain-Powered Weight Loss in January of 2017. The corporate parent of Wellspring, the teen and young adult weight loss program that I had reinvented and led, shut its doors, giving me a wonderful opportunity to make fresh, new choices about my personal and professional direction. It has…

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My Three Grocery Store Guidelines & How I Broke Them…Oops!

Ok, picture this……I was doing really well in the grocery store, I had a plan and was sticking to it. I even avoided the delicious Jackson’s Honest Sea Salt and Vinegar chips I was eyeing because I know my pattern with those (ahem, I could easily interpret the serving size to be one entire bag).…

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Emergency Snacks

I get asked a lot about how to stay healthy with a busy schedule, when you don’t have time to cook and there aren’t healthy options around. There are so many tricks to staying healthy on the road, but one that I use regularly (on the road or not), is to always have an emergency…

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