Private Family Coaching

Health and Wellness For Your Whole Family

I’ve worked with hundreds of families in the last decade. 

All of them trying to figure out how to navigate sticky questions like: 

  • “How do I create health for everyone in my home?”
  • “How do I talk to my child about their weight?”
  • “Will I create an eating disorder if I mention weight to my child?”
  • “How do I get my whole family on board with healthy behaviors?”

And most commonly:

  • "My child is struggling, but doesn't want to talk with me about it AT ALL".

These are tough questions with complex answers unique to each family system. 

I have curated over 10 years of hands-on experience, in-depth training from some of the most talented minds in the fields of obesity, weight management, food addiction and emotional eating, and YEARS of extensive research, into a powerful program that has the ability to completely transform the way your family approaches weight and health concerns.

Want to learn how to work with me in-depth, IN YOUR HOME, creating specific goals and plans for YOUR WHOLE FAMILY?

Seeking A Solution for the Whole Family?

If you're looking for another diet and exercise plan that tells you exactly what to're going to be disappointed. Why? Because, the journey to a transformed relationship with food and body issues is so much more than just diet and exercise. That's where I can help!

  • Home visits
  • Weekly recorded calls specific to your family’s structure and needs
  • Access to the ‘Your Happiest and Healthiest Weight’ online course
  • Access to the ‘Your Happiest and Healthiest Weight’ Private FB group with over 6 hours (and counting) of extra videos designed to serve you. 
  • Email and text support BY ME - so you can get solutions in real time. 
  • Most important - you get to borrow my 12 years of intimate knowledge of how the food, body, weight relationship works and how to overcome years of constant struggle. 

A transformation your entire family will benefit from. 


What people say about Eliza Kingsford's pioneering approach

" Eliza helped me save my life. Everything she is doing is to help people love themselves and be their best selves." - Robert

" I can't tell you what it feels like to see a child who the world has beat up, torn down and confused the heck out of her about what she is actually supposed to eat - FINALLY be free. Though she did have a dramatic loss of weight, I would pay all I could afford for the SMILE she gives me. She is radiating confidence and health. THANK YOU for giving me a happy, healthy young lady back. I will forever be grateful to you." - Kelly

My daughter came away with a completely new attitude toward food and lifestyle choices. She has a crazy positive attitude about her health choices which has also resulted in a self-esteem level I haven't seen in many years. She is glowing again and as a mom I can't tell you how happy that makes me. Thank you for lifting my girl to the moon!"   - Dee