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Nationally renowned psychotherapist, weight loss expert and best selling author Eliza Kingsford reveals the secrets to ditching the diets and letting go of calorie counting. She will teach you how to stop hating yourself when you look in the mirror, gently guiding you towards a place of compassion and ease.

You'll find tangible solutions to get you on the path towards PERMANENT change! Get off that diet roller coaster for good, and create the healthy life you've been longing for.


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  1. Ditch the diets and still make lasting change in your body.

  2. Discover What Is HOLDING YOU BACK From Having The Healthy Body You Deserve.

  3. Shut down the critical part of your mind that says “oh, I could never live without doughnuts” or “I could never look like that”

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"I'm down 40 lbs since beginning your program. Thank you so much for your guidance and support. You do amazing things Eliza"

Tiffany S.


"Has made me look at weight loss from a whole new perspective. No more dreadful diets. Loaded with excellent advice for people who want to get to the real nuts and bolts of lasting weight loss." 

Dan D

Shift Your Beliefs

Uncover the blocks buried deep within your own belief systems. 

Learn The Building Blocks

Ditch the diets and learn what creates meaningful, lasting change.

Unlock Your Brain

Learn how shifting your identity is the critical step to success.

We are all Unique

We each have our own story, and thus our own path toward happiness. 

Tangible Steps

You will get 14 days of tangible exercises that will guide you through the process. 


The strategies I share with you will last well beyond just 14 days. 

Start Changing Your Life Today!

Ditch the diets and discover What Is HOLDING YOU BACK From Having The Healthy Body You Deserve. Uncover what exists in your mind that will always hold you back from having what you truly want (and deserve!) Take CONTROL Over How You Think About Your Health And Wellness. LEARN What May Have Been An Issue For You Your Entire Life. Make TODAY The Start Of Your New Healthy Life


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"I have been so excited to tell you this. The last couple of months everything just seems to kind of fallen into place. For the first time in my life, I feel like I have my own unique identity. Right now in my life I genuinely love me, and who I am becoming. I am proud of this! There was a point in my life where I would be afraid to share something like this for fear of the judgement and opinions of others (and we both know, everyone has opinions). I no longer care what people might think of me and how I choose to live my life, because I am not living it for them, I am living it for me, and it makes me HAPPY!! I know without your guidance and tell it like it is personality, I never would have made it this far. For the first time I realize that I AM the key to my happiness, not what anyone else thinks or expects of me is going to ever define me again. Thank you Eliza!!"

About Eliza Kingsford


You are likely here because you are struggling with your body in some way. Regardless of your current size, I can help you heal your relationship with food and create lasting change in your life!

My work is at the intersection of nutritional science and the psychology of eating. I have been doing this work with thousands of individuals and families for well over a decade. Here are some of the things I know:

** Restriction doesn’t work – it ultimately backfires.                                                                                                                                              ** Dieting doesn’t work – but you need to get clear about what dieting even is.
** Aligned eating DOES work – and I’ll teach you how to get there.
** It IS possible to achieve and maintain a weight that you feel confident, empowered and happy with.                                                    **It IS possible to find a happy relationship with your body.

I help create BREAKTHROUGH EXPERIENCES for people who have tried everything to lose weight and feel like the've failed.
If you're ready to get off the yo-yo diet roller-coaster, stop obsessing about food, and learn how to eat with peace, ease and even joy, you're in the right place.

Let me show you how!


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