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Living Your Life with Lianne Laing

Eliza Kingsford talks about the mental shift needed for successful weight loss.  


Kids Healthy Eating and Body Image

Eliza Kingsford talks about how to introduce kids to healthy food choices and mindful eating to set them up for long term success with healthy eating habits. 


Eliza Kingford and The Badass Women's Council

Eliza discusses the power of removing the blocks that keep us stuck instead of just writing or posting another resolution or habit you swear this year you'll stick to... and don't.


Eliza Kingford and Fat Burning Man

Eliza discusses body image and weight loss trends on social media and how adults can restore the brain's ability to regulate weight.

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Women in Wellness: “Learn NOW that you cannot hate your body into loving your body” With Author Eliza Kingsford

Learn NOW that you cannot hate your body into loving your body. I believe it’s the most overlooked and the most powerful piece of the wellness journey. Hating your body only creates a permanent barrier to where you want to be. We will never change through criticism, deprivation or fear. Asa part of my series […]

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How To Get Your Partner On Board With A Healthy Lifestyle Change

Empowered Wellness CEO Eliza Kingsford shares some helpful tips on how to encourage your partner to participate in a healthy lifestyle.


Finally, A Solution for Stress-Eating That's Actually Doable

Eliza Kingsford explain how food calms the brain's intricate threat response system, how this leads to problematic stress eating and weight gain among adolescents, teens and adults -- and what you can do about it.


Should You Weigh Yourself? 3 Signs to Step off the Scale

See Eliza Kingsford's advice to this author about how teens and adults can look beyond the numbers on the scale to measure progress towards healthy weight loss goals.


7 Easy Brain Tricks to Help You Lose Weight

Empowered Wellness founder Eliza Kingsford weighs in with Parade Magazine's Nicole Pajer on tips for sustainable, healthy weight loss based on the science of cognitive behavioral therapy.


How to Beat Back Cravings When Just Seeing Sweets Makes You Lust for Them

Author of Brain Powered Weight Loss and noted food psychology expert Eliza Kingsford explains the biochemical link between food and feelings of satisfaction, why some habits are so hard to shake, and how to retrain your brain to avoid self-destructive meal choices.


Shifting Your Relationship With Food and Yourself

Open Sky Fitness's Rob Dione talks with Eliza about reconciling physical and emotional realities and recalibrating our relatinoship with food.


What's Your Exercise Personality?

WebMD's Laurel Leicht interviews Eliza Kingsford on how to match workouts to your workout personality for your best chances at maintaining ongoing success.

Mental Health Weekly

Teen Binge Eating Disorders and Insurance (PDF)

Eliza Kingsford, M.A., L.P.C., addresses the challenges of working with insurance companies to cover new diagnostic codes related to binge eating disorders. Commentary on p. 6.


10 Simple Weight Loss Tips

CNN's Jacque Wilson talks to experts including Eliza Kingsford about habits, mindset, and how to ensure weight loss become and efforts remain successful.


9 Ways To Stop 'Unconscious Snacking'

Eliza joins other experts to give advice on how to stop mindless eating and retrain our brains to curb cravings. 

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5 Ways to Use Before-and-After Photos to Motivate

Eliza and other experts give helpful tips on how to use your before and after photos to stay motivated on your fitness journey. 

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Why Stress Eating Can Become Unhealthy & 4 Powerful Ways To Stop

Brain Powered Weight Loss author and weight loss expert Eliza Kingsford talks to MindBodyGreen about the the term "comfort food," what does this really mean? Is food really comforting? Or is it just a psychological or emotional attachment? And why do so many of us reach for the crackers, cookies, and muffins when we're feeling particularly stressed out?


Slow But Steady Wins the Weight Loss Race

Brain Powered Weight Loss author and teen weight loss expert Eliza Kingsford talks to HealthLine about the psychology behind weight loss and why early victories are not always a predictor of long-term success.


10 Mistakes You're Making Every Time You Think About Starting a Diet

Eliza Kingsford, author of Brain Powered Weight Loss, explains the science behind emotional eating, binge eating, and healthy, sustainable weight loss, and the 10 mistakes most people make when starting a weight loss program.

Huffington Post

How Long Does It Take to Get in Shape?

How long does it really take to get in shape? That depends on a host of factors, including your goals and how you define and measure progress toward them, says Eliza Kingsford, expert on the psychology of overeating and author of Brain Powered Weight Loss.


Empowered Wellness Serves Teens, Young Adults

Santa Barbara's leading news site announces the opening of Empowered Wellness science-driven weight loss camps for teens and young adults, planting the seeds of lifetime change at camp and helping them blossom with 12 months of wraparound professional support.


10 Red Flags a Kid Is Anxious About Starting School and What to Do About It

Empowered Wellness's Eliza Kingsford discusses how to help kids deal with emotions in a healthy way.


When Owning a Fitbit Can Be Unhealthy

SheKnows' Lisa Goldstein talks to Eliza and other experts on the subject of fitness monitors and when focusing too much on data can be a bad thing.

Your Weight Matters

Retrain Your Brain: How to Change Your Habitual Eating Patterns (PDF)

Eliza Kingsford writes in Your Weight Matters magazine about how to retrain your brain to disengage from unproductive eating habits. Article on p. 36.

Dr Oz

Binge Eating Disorder Defined

Teen weight loss psychologist Eliza Kingsford explains binge eating disorders and how to address the challenges.

Dr Oz

Fight for a Healthier Child: What You Can Do Today

Things you can do now to help your child grow up with healthy eating patterns and a habit of physical activity.

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Diets, Eating Disorders, and Healthy Obsessions

Eliza speaks to New York Times Bestseller Dr. Steven Gundry about maintaining a healthy mindset when it comes to health and dieting.