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I’m on a mission to change the way we feel about our bodies from the inside out. I believe ANYONE can create a healthy body image and a peaceful relationship with food, given the right tools and support.

My hope is the free resources available below can help get you started on that path.

If you’re new here, I suggest watching my free webinar below “Are These Things Completely Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts?”. Then, working through the vision and goal setting worksheet and the seeking gratitude worksheet.

Free Resources

Gratitude Worksheet

Rewire your brain for more gratitude and appreciation

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Helpful Journal Prompts

Get clear about what you REALLY want!

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Vision & Goal Setting Worksheet

This worksheet will break down how you can effectively set goals... and actually meet them.

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Brain-Powered Weight Loss Workbook

Get your free copy today.

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Coaching & Courses

The Shift

My groundbreaking program taking even the most stubborn and stuck dieters to a place of peace, ease and joy.

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