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Hi, I'm Eliza


I’ll share my credentials and experience below, but first I’ll tell you how I became so passionate about this work. I come from a trauma background. Circumstances in early life led to  many challenges throughout my childhood and young adult years that were hard to understand at the time. 

Obsessing over my body and food was one of the ways I desperately tried to control my environment (although I didn’t realize that’s what it was at the time). I now know that my struggle was never with my body in the first place, but back then all I knew was that no matter what I did, I couldn’t find a way to feel comfortable in my skin. 

My own struggle influenced my decision to pursue a degree in clinical psychology. I wanted to understand how and why we become who we are, and why it’s so hard to change even when we want to. 

I pursued a graduate degree, and then post-graduate training and certifications, all with the burning question in my mind: “Why don’t we do better, even when we know better”? 

In other words, why is it so hard to change, even when we know what we’re doing isn’t good for us.

Through the course of my career, this question led me to deeper study in behavior science, applied neuroscience, epigenetics, energy psychology, polyvagal theory and various trauma-informed techniques. 

This unique combination of education and experience has culminated in my own model of change that has helped thousands finally get out of their own way for good. 


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I've been at this a while.

Here is a list of my credentials and certifications

  • Licensed Psychotherapist (LPC)
  • Best-Selling Author
  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP)
  • Certified Shame-Informed Trauma Specialist (CSTS)
  • Certified EFT (Emotional Freedom techniques) practitioner
  • Certified NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique) practitioner
  • Certified Family Trauma Professional (CFTP)
  • Certified Tiny Habits Coach
  • Trained Polyvagal Informed Therapist
  • Trained Internal Family Systems Therapist
  • Certified Thrive Global Coach
  • Trained in Nutritional Psychiatry
  •  Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional (CIMHP)

My Work Might Be Right For You If:


  • You’ve been obsessing over food and your weight for as long as you can remember
  • You’re exhausted from how much time you spend feeling bad about your body
  • You’ve tried EVERYTHING and nothing seems to work for you
  • You know what to do, you just don’t do it consistently
  • You’re always either on a diet or off the rails, there is no in-between
  • You wonder if you’ll ever leave this struggle behind you
  • You know there has to be a better way, you just don’t know what it is
  • You’re tired of starting over every Monday, swearing you’ll be different this week
  • You’re tired of trying so hard to lose weight, only to find your clothes fitting tighter and the scale not budging.

If You Want To:


  • Lose weight without having to give up all of your favorite foods or forever increase your exercise.

  • Stop binge eating or overeating.

  • Finally feel in control around food instead of feeling like food controls you.

  • Feel confident in your clothes.

  • Sleep better, stress less and find more joy.


My Shift method is just the thing you’re looking for.


Work With Me

Are You Battling With Any Of These?

Overeating or Binge Eating

Emotional Eating

Extreme Restriction

Diet Obsession

Fear of the Scale

Poor Body Image