Are you ready to make peace with your body and leave the food fight behind once and for all? I'm here to help. You can have a peaceful, easy relationship with food and stop obsessing over every morsel you put in your mouth.

Welcome, I am so glad you're here. You are likely here because you are struggling with your body in some way.  Regardless of your current size, I can help you heal your relationship with food and create lasting change in your life! 

My work is at the intersection of the science of nutrition and the psychology of eating. I have been doing this work with thousands of individuals and families for well over a decade. Here are some of the things I know:

  • Restriction doesn’t work – it ultimately backfires
  •  Dieting doesn’t work – but you need to get clear about what dieting even IS!
  • Aligned eating DOES – and I’ll teach you how to get there.

It IS possible to get to and maintain a weight that you feel confident, empowered and happy with. It IS possible to find a happy relationship with your body.

I help create BREAKTHROUGH EXPERIENCES for people who have tried everything to lose weight and feel like the've failed.

If you're ready to get off the yo-yo diet roller-coaster, stop obsessing about food, and learn how to eat with peace, ease and even joy, you're in the right place.

Let me show you how!


Feel like you've tried everything?  Feeling hopeless and frustrated?

Ditch the diet and jumpstart your path to permanent weight loss!

Ways We Can Get Started Together!

Self Guided Programs

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I will teach you the most important component to successful weight loss.  

One-on-One Coaching


Together, we can unlock the blocks and create a happier, healthier YOU!

Small Group Coaching

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Your Invitation to Transform Your Body, AND YOUR LIFE, From The Inside Out.

Weight Loss for People Who've Tried EVERYTHING...

My groundbreaking new course, based on the best-selling book "Brain Powered Weight Loss." This is an intensive 12-week structured program, coached by me, and designed only for those who:

Feel like you've tried everything, and still feel frustrated and hopeless?

Want to take full responsibility for your health, weight and happiness?

Are you determined to find lasting peace in your relationship with food?

Are fully ready to work fiercely towards your goal?

Discover Your Happiest, Healthiest Weight. For Good!

+ It's not about the food. It's not about the workout. It's not about the diet. . .

+ Designed for everyone who's tired of being told exactly how to eat and exercise.

+ I'll teach you the MOST important component in the weight loss battle.

+ I'll show you step-by-step how to identify and change the personal patterns that are derailing your weight loss.

+ We will walk through several exercises to create profound personal change.

+ Together, we can move to a place where you feel like you're in control of your life again.

Ready to kick old disappointments to the curb?

Eliza Kingsford's Pioneering Weight Loss Book

The brain-powered path to your happiest and healthiest adult weight.