Eliza Kingsford, MA, LPC, NCC

The food fight stops here.

Make peace with food.

When the pain of staying where you are is worse than the challenge of change—you're ready.

The Inside-Out Change Program

An intensive 12-week structured program, coached personally by Eliza Kingsford, and designed only for those who:

Want to take full responsibility for your health, weight and happiness

Are determined to find lasting peace in your relationship with food

Are fully ready to work fiercely towards your goal.

One-on-One & Small Group Options



Discover Your Happiest, Healthiest Weight - Live!

I will guide you through my new online course designed for everyone who's tired of being told exactly how to eat and exercise.

I'll show you step-by-step how to identify and forever change the personal patterns that are derailing your weight loss.

Ready to kick old disappointments to the curb?

Eliza Kingsford's Pioneering Weight Loss Book

The brain-powered path to your happiest and healthiest adult weight.

Ask Eliza: The Weight & Body Image Column


Get answers for kids struggling with weight gain and body image

Submit your questions for compassionate, practical answers and anonymous publication in the "Ask Eliza" column.

The fitness, nutrition & weight loss camp for teens and young adults aged 11-26.