Brain-Powered Weight Loss 

The brain-powered path to your happiest and healthiest weight.

Tailored for everyone who struggles to control their weight no matter what they try. 

Brain-Powered Weight Loss introduces readers to the concept that managing weight should be less focused on the “right” foods and exercise programs, and more focused on the reasons we make food and exercise decisions in the first place.

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Losing weight and successfully maintaining it over the long term is less about what you put in your stomach; it’s more about what’s happening in the brain and body. “It’s about the root causes that dictate your food and movement decisions.” 

In Brain-Powered Weight Loss, psychotherapist and weight management expert Eliza Kingsford unravels why more than 90 percent of people who go on diet programs “fail” or eventually regain the weight. 

A large part of this is because they have a complicated relationship with food.

Changing this relationship by changing the way you think about and behave around food is what it takes to permanently achieve weight-loss success.

This 11-step program enlists dozens of mind-altering and behavior-changing exercises and techniques.

Discover How To

  • Identify and reverse the thinking errors and food triggers that lead to your negative behaviors around food. 


  • Let go of the diet mindset in favor of intentional eating so you can learn to implement sustainable behaviors that will last.


  • Successfully use “dealing skills” to outsmart high-risk situations, navigate stressful times, and prevent an eating setback from becoming a backslide or all-out binge.
  • Learn what it means to develop a "healthy obsession" that you will use to help you stay the course even when life gets hard.
  • Design your personal healthy eating program built on the book's 10 Principles of Healthy Eating.