Exciting Changes and New Beginnings

Aug 24, 2023

So much has happened since the release of Brain-Powered Weight Loss in January of 2017. The corporate parent of Wellspring, the teen and young adult weight loss program that I had reinvented and led, shut its doors, giving me a wonderful opportunity to make fresh, new choices about my personal and professional direction.

It has been one of the BEST 18 MONTHS of my life so far. I spent so much time reflecting, working on myself, working on what my calling is and how I am meant to serve this world.

I spent lazy mornings walking my daughter to school, having conversations about birds and insects and pondering life’s important questions: “Mommy, why do flowers go away in the winter and come back in the spring?”

I took time to read and listen to all the spiritual and healing books that had been piling up on my nightstand for years because I was “too busy” to read them. I connected more deeply with my husband because, suddenly, I wasn’t “too busy” to pay attention to us.

I slowed down, I meditated…….. I listened.

And from those quiet moments a new opportunity blossomed and “fell into my lap” as they say.

I had been approached by various companies but my heart was just not in any of those opportunities.

When my partners at Empowered Wellness approached me, it felt different. I felt calm, excited and at peace with the opportunity to talk and explore what might be possible.

An idea grew and became more and more real with each conversation, and I entered easily and excitedly into what has now become the Empowered Wellness weight loss camp in Santa Barbara, CA.

And I’m telling you, you won’t want to miss how this organization is giving back to the world, how we’re looking to serve the people who need us.

I’ve never felt more peaceful, and excited, about anything in my life.